Help! I’m Dying of Hair Envy..


Let’s get real. I am dying for hair envy. How do those drop-dead gorgeous models’ manes end up looking so damn good? Well to be honest I don’t know their secrets yet. But tomorrow I’m sure there will be hundreds of Youtube videos teaching us how to recreate their lovely manes! However, I do have some of my own Holy Grail hair products that I would love to share.


If you’re interested in voluminous hair I have found the best shampoo I’ve ever used that gives me all sorts of volume. I’m talking about Organix Think & Full Biotin and Collagen shampoo and conditioner.

My hair is fine but very thick and this shampoo didn’t exactly give me much volume when I let my hair air-dry but I noticed a tremendous difference when blow-drying my hair. My hair appeared much thicker and along with a continuous use; paired with the Biotin conditioner my hair turns out silky smooth and frizz free.The formulation is sulfate and paraben free, and my FAVORITE thing about this shampoo is that it’s alcohol free! Which even in natural and sulfate free shampoo brands is super hard to find.

I’ve also have been obsessed with Got 2b Power’ful styling powder. This little miracle worker takes my hair to new heights. After styling my hair I shake a small amount and distribute into my hair focusing it on my roots, it give my hair an instant boost!

What are some of your favorite hair products? Please share in the comments below!!

4 thoughts on “Help! I’m Dying of Hair Envy..

  1. hectorjarquin says:

    Every time I visit the barber shop, I relate to the title of this post. I bring at least an image of the hairstyle I am aiming for. After the barber finishes, I look in the mirror… not quite there. Maybe is time for me to look for hair product help 🙂


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