Perfect Eyebrows Every time


QUICK TAKE: Water Resistant, Long Lasting, Natural

Like most girls I am super picky about my brows, so I’ve been looking for a product that would give me a natural look but one I could easily control. My favorite product is Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills it is amazing!

This product is really pigmented, so a little goes a long way. I use very little product to fill in my entire brow. I’ve been using this product for 3 months now and have used less than half of the jar. The formula is also long lasting, so my brows are perfect all day. I love the color options too! They recently added new colours so you’re sure to find the perfect match. There is such a get range of options. I am constantly getting compliments on my brows.

I simply brush it along the bottom line of my brows with an angle brush and brush upward with the spool brush on the other end of the brow brush. You must have a spool brush to even out the product. When I first started using it I was very nervous that my brows would look to strong because it’s so highly pigmented. I defiantly would recommend you practice and use a steady hand I’ve embedded a video demonstrating how to use it, I found this videos very helpful, enjoy!

Inner Beauty

What comes to mind when you’re asked to define beauty? When I think of the most beautiful women in my life, these are the descriptive words I would use to describe them- wisdom, strength, genuine, compassionate, and independent.

Some of the moments I have felt most beautiful are when I’ve accomplished something challenging: in school, in sports or even taking up a new hobby. In all these challenges I used discipline, training and hard work which leaves me feeling strong, determined and confidant. I feel beautiful and strong when I focus on what I can do with my body, as opposed to what it looks like.


Dirty Little Secret


I have my fair share of dirty little secrets. Take, for instance, the fact that I actually enjoy Kourteny & Khole Take the Hampton’s or that I eat peanut butter right out of the jar. Oh, and here’s another, I always wear makeup to the gym. Funny thing is that most people would find that last one the most egregious. But before you (like my friends & gym mates) jump down my throat or post incredulous comments below, let me explain.

No I’m not sporting a smoky eye with a bold lip before I jump on the elliptical. I simply just touch up my face with a swipe (or, okay two) of my tinted moisturizer. Put a little gloss on to give my lip some colour. The odds are that I’m not alone in my pre workout prep so here are few of my tricks and potions to give me the I woke up like this look.

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Lush Handmade Natural Cosmetics –


Feeling Younger Skin Tint- 


I love this highlighter. The colour is white with some pink and gold shimmer in it. It’s very pretty. The product consistency is quite light so you can use it in different ways. It’s an extremely versatile product. I love mixing it in my foundation or moisturizer to make my skin look “young” and healthy, but I also use it as a highlighter to highlight my cheekbones, nose, upper lip, inner corner and my eyebrows!

Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion-


It has a nice creamy and thick consistency and does a great job of keeping my skin supple and soft. I like to use it after I get out the shower and my skin is still a bit damp so that I can seal in the moisture. I do like the scent a lot to me it smells like ginger and has an earthy scent. Which at first I wasn’t in-love with but the warm smell is comfy and is relaxing. But more importantly this product isn’t only doing your skin good 100% of the processed go to a grassroots organization locally and internationally to find out more check out my review “ Changing The World One Pot at a Time”

It Started With a Kiss-


This product is divine, it smells incredible and it’s so moisturizing. It is a beautiful cherry red shade that is extremely pigmented but also can be worn sheer. It lasts for ages and makes your money go a long way. A bit messy application it does leaves my fingers stained it also transfers easily when kissing or onto clothes so be careful!

Victoria Xo

“ Changing The World One Pot at a Time”


Who doesn’t like to help a good cause while getting something we use everyday? Look no further then Lush’s Charity Pot hand and body lotion. Whenever a Charity Pot is purchased all the profits (aside from taxes) go to directly to grassroots organizations locally and internationally, in my case my money was donated to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.

 I absolutely love this company is such a breath of fresh air. Lush Handmade Natural Cosmetics is the polar opposite to the mass-produced beauty businesses that influence how we buy cosmetics today. They protect our environment by making their products green all products are suitable for anyone who is vegan and/or vegetarian because there is no traces any animal byproduct. In addition to not using any animal fats in their products they do not partake in animal testing, which really means the world to me. It’s truly amazing to see a company have such an great impact in our world we are really ” Changing The World One Pot at a Time”



I would love for you to view their video “How a Charity Pot is made-

Relax & Unwind..


After a long day of work I love to unwind, relax and have a hot bath! When I’m stress I love to use a face mask and rejuvenate my skin. Today I’m using The Face Shop Real Nature Face Mask in Red Ginseng, the benefits of using this mask is that the Ginseng extract with helps energizes and nourish tired skin.

I love these face masks they are so easy and cheap too! ($2.00 CAD) Each mask is 1 single-use and they come in a variety of types depending on what you want out of it and your skin type (dry,dull, aging etc.) The Face Shop offers a large selection so your bound to find one that suits your needs. For instance the Blueberry Face Mask is great for softening and hydrating where as the Kelp Face Mask is a purifying which is great if you are experiencing breaks outs or even if you wear makeup on a daily basis it’s great to clean and purify your pores.

They are quite simple to use, you unfold the face mask on freshly cleansed skin and leave on for about 10-15 minutes. You gently tap on the skin until the serum is completely absorbed and go ahead and follow up with a moisturizer

Have you tried The Face Shop facial masks or any of there products? If so let me know what I should try next!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick ($40.00) comes in a variety of 18 shades. Carrying a wide range of colour from pale to bright, beige to berry. Rouge Voluptes are my favorite lipsticks, ever! This formula is to die for! It is extremely comfortable on your lips, glides on so smoothly and is so heavily pigmented that the tiniest amount goes a long, long way. As for the packaging, it is absolutely beautiful and definitely beats ANY other lipstick in terms of aesthetics. I’d buy it just for packaging…seriously.


# 17 Red Muse is a bright medium red that looks neutral towards warm in the tube. On my lips it applies slightly cooler. Perfect for a sophisticated look where you want either the lips to be the focal point or if you want full on drama for the evening.

#9 Caress Pink is a warm light/medium pink that’s not too bright. This particular shade has a satin finish, so it’s not as glossy as some of the other shades I’ve tried. It can definitely be worn during the day (to school, work, weekend, etc) but it can be worn for a night out as well.

#29 Opera Rose is a beautiful neutral mid tone pink. I think it’s a very wearable shade that looks great on all skin tones and can be worn for both casual and special occasions as well.

The lipsticks are so rich in color and hue, and they were spot-on in terms of what you see is what you get. Have you tried Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick, if so what are your thoughts?


DIY – 3-in-1 Honey & Oat Face Mask


This at home mask smoothes and conditions skin with natural ingredients that you most likely have at home! This mask gently removes dead skin cells, smoothes and refines and moisturizes and conditions leaving your skin glowing! It is perfect for sensitive skin and can be used on weekly basics and it’s super easy to make!

Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

Oats: contains anti-inflammatory properties and is a cleansing agent, making oats perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Honey: with antibacterial and antioxidant properties, honey is perfect for achieving that “glow” while nourishing skin.

Coconut oil: It is used in so many natural beauty products. It’s a great moisturizer for skin and hair and the smell is beyond heavenly!

Plain Yogurt: helps to dissolve dead skin that accumulates in the pores leaving your skin glowing.

Let’s get Started-



– 1-tablespoon ground oatmeal

– 1-teaspoon honey

– 1-teaspoon plain yogurt

– 1- teaspoon for coconut oil

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Apply to cleansed face in a gentle circular motion and leave on for 15- 20 minutes then rinse off with warm water. Your skin will feel amazing afterwards! You can keep the extra scrub in a covered container and make sure you keep it refrigerated.

Red, Red Wine

Trend Alert!

Red-wine-lovers, this beauty trend is for you! At New York Fashion Week Fall 2014, deep berry and wine shades were being sported all over the runway.

If your daring and want to wear this lip just keep a few things in mind –

Finding the right shade is key; it all depends on your skin tone but lipsticks such as Mac’s Diva & Nars Scarlet Empress are pretty universal and compliment many skin tones.

If you have thin lips, a dark lipstick could make them appear even smaller. So start with a sheer stain and use a lip pencil to fill out the lip ever so slightly.

The key to wearing a berry lip is to keep the rest of the face fresh and glowing. Use a sheer foundation and concealer and skip powder entirely. Then apply a blush in a complementary shade or even take a simply sheer out the same lip color on cheeks!

Review on : Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Foundation

DSC00190 2

Let me just say that I love this stuff. It’s medium coverage but is buildable to full coverage. I have very fair skin with pink to neutral undertones. I got this in “fair beige,” and the color is absolutely perfect. My skin looks amazing, and it stays matte for a good 9-10 hours. Plus a little bit goes a long way. I don’t have to set it with powder, and it’s very pigment dense without having to use a lot of product. And it’s so creamy that if you wanted to mix it with moisturizer, you could. You can dab it on with just your fingers or even a stippling foundation brush to blend it together I personally prefer to use my Beauty Blender (which is a other obsession of mine)

So some of the PROS and CONS-

PROS:  It stays very matte (but about 9 hours), it has very good coverage, you don’t need to use a lot, it has SPF, it doesn’t transfer/rub off to my clothes or hands, and it doesn’t turn orange. Best of all, its cruelty free!

Cons: The price in Canada its $49, which isn’t unreasonable but still, is expensive to some but I tell you it’s worth it. Another con for me is the SPF, I always prefer my foundation to not have it I find when I take photos I can have a white cased, although I haven’t experienced with this foundation.

But overall this is a great foundation, from a wonderful make up line that’s formulated WITHOUT: – Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Petrochemicals- Phthalates- and cruelty free.

What are your thoughts on the foundation or any other Tarte’s products?